Cardano Buidler Fest #1

Buidl together

A 2-day event for tech-savvy Cardano builders to connect, showcase and share.

You enjoy starring at a black screen for hours and still can't figure out good variable names? Join us!


Day 1 :: Presentations

Focused on demos, project presentations and techniques. No keynotes, no vendor booths. Only builders living the moment and many opportunities for the Cardano community to showcase its amazing work.

Are you a developer who enjoys writing code? Want to learn or share some coding techniques? Want to discuss the latest smart-contract development trends? Do you prefer fiddling with infrastructure? Are you designing user interfaces for DApps?

This is the time. Whether you want to give a talk, run a workshop, or organize something lighter, our Call for Proposals awaits you.


Speakers are only provisional until they confirm their respective sessions. See the agenda for details.

Day 2 :: Open Space

Hands-on! We’ll start the day with a big Open Space and co-create the track for the day.

Feel like hacking on something for a day?

Or perhaps, contributing to some open-source project(s) of the ecosystem?

This will be ours to decide and to collectively design the day. Three working spaces will be available to let the magic happen. Make sure to bring your gears.


Event Details

23 → 24 April

Toulouse, FR

110 seats

The event will be held in Toulouse, France on the 23rd and 24th of April 2024. It is a paid event. The entrance fee includes an access to full 2 days of activities at the venue (including lunch & refreshments) and of course a t-shirt so that everyone can showcase their amazing tech conference collection to others during office hours.

In addition, our sponsors kindly offer 3 nights of accommodation (22 → 24 April) at the venue with breakfast included to the first 100 participants.

Ticket TypePriceDescription
Blind300 ₳Prior to any announcement of the full event schedule. You know you want to be there no matter what.
Normal400 ₳Once the call for speakers has ended1, if you aren’t (yet) sure it’s worth your time ?!

1 The call for speakers ends the 24th of February 2024, at 11:59 PM (UTC+1).

All blind tickets have been sold. Few tickets are left aside for potential speakers that haven't yet registered. Once the agenda is revealed, some last-minute Normal tickets may become available depending on whether or not speakers have been selected. Some tickets may also become available should there be any cancellation amongst the current participants. If you’d like to be on a waiting list, please reach out to We will contact you should there be any availability.

Latest news

Stay up-to-date with the event! We'll let you know how the preparations are going.

Buidler Fest #1: A quick retrospective

Cardano Buidler Fest is over and it received appraisal from the participants. In this post, we share our retrospective views about the event, and the feedback participants gave us

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4 min read
Post-Fest DRep Workshop

An exclusive DRep Workshop to take place on April 25, 2024, as a key part of Cardano’s move towards decentralized governance, outlined in CIP-1694. This event aims to deepen understanding of the DRep role in governance, inviting community members to contribute to the refinement of the DRep Code of Conduct and to engage in shaping Cardano’s governance future.

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Nicolas Cerny

Nicolas Cerny

2 min read
Choosing is refusing

We had over fifty talk and workshop proposals since we announced the conference, and selecting the best possible agenda was not a trivial process. Here is a summary of how we did it.

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4 min read