About Us


Cardano Buidler Fest 2024 is brought to you by a small team of Cardano enthusiasts.


KtorZ (a.k.a Matthias Benkort) arrived in the ecosystem shortly after the launch of Cardano's mainnet, he has created and contributed to many areas over his many years in the ecosystem: Aiken, Hydra, Wallets, CIPs, Ogmios, Kupo. Dedicated to both Cardano and Open-source software ecosystems, he is now working at the Cardano Foundation in the capacity of Technical Director of Open Source.

Son of Man

dr_c0d3 (a.k.a Arnaud Bailly) has been involved in the Cardano ecosystem since 2021. As a Lead Architect member of the IOG engineering team, he is contributing to various R&D and infrastructure projects like Hydra and Mithril. He is also an Open-Source and Software enthusiast and has been writing code since the previous century.

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Twitter/X @buidler_fest

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This event would not be possible without the sponsorship of the Cardano Foundation.

Cardano Foundation