Buidler Fest #1: A quick retrospective

The first edition of Cardano Buidler Fest is over, and it felt pretty much like a successful wedding party: Exhilarating, exhausting, stressful, intense for the organisers, and a lot of fun for the attendees!

We want to share with the wider Cardano community a glimpse of all the great stuff that happened in those two days, what participants said about it, and how we organised such an event, with the hope that Cardano enthusiasts all over the world will feel empowered to organise their own particular version of Buidler Fest. Manu – our professional photographer – took a lot of great pictures, video rushes and interviews we are currently post-producing with him. Here is a small sample that can give one a taste of how great Buidler Fest was, or fuel fond memories for those who attended! For the complete set of photos, head over to the gallery!

What happened?

It’s quite hard to summarize two days packed with engaging presentations, lively discussions, joyful dinners, and passionate debates into a few sentences or paragraphs. We designed Buidler Fest to be a great experience and like all great experiences, it has to be lived and not watched from the side! However, thanks to Manu and all attendees who helped making the event live on social media, we have a lot of footage available from interviews and impromptu capture of instants. While we are still working on compiling interviews that many kindly conducted, we are happy to share a short recap’ video which should give a good glimpse of the event and the vibes, compacted in two minutes.

Key figures

Buidlers Fest participants’ origin is pretty diverse, with a large majority from the Americas and Europe though, as the following graph shows.

Participants feedback

At the end of the second day, we did a quick live retrospective, asking each participant to share with the audience one thing they liked, one thing they lacked, and one thing they learn from those two days. Here is a picture of the end result from this quick survey:

We also gathered some feedback from in person conversations, during or after the conference. The main points were:

Your retrospectives

And what about hearing directly from the builders? It was our great pleasure to see many of you publish retrospectives and share your experience with everyone! So we thought we could cheer those we’ve seen:

And with that, a mountain of positive feedback on social media!

Famous Last Words

So in short, it was a major success! And what made the Buidler Fest a success is first and foremost the engagement of the participants and speakers: As organisers, we only set the stage but all the credits go to the actors who also happened to be directing themselves in part thanks to the Open Space unconference on the second day!

We would like to say a big ….