The Buidler Feast at: Les Halles de la Cité

What would a Buidler Fest be without a Buidler Feast? Worry not- we’ve got you covered. We have booked a few seats on the evening of the 23rd of April at Les Halles de la cité, a food court in the centre of Toulouse that offers a fusion of French cuisine with influences from all over the world.

Why a feast?

One of the main goals of the Cardano Buidler Fest is to create durable connections between builders. Dinner is a perfect moment to create and strengthen relationships, at least so we believe in France. When we thought of organizing something like this, it proved challenging due to the number of participants and their diversity. Plus, we needed a place where we would be free to move, meet and talk with everyone. Les Halles de la cité turned out to be a perfect match: Located right in the main theatre of Toulouse, Les Halles provide a hybrid space between a lounge, a cocktail bar and an open market with fresh products mixing local terroir with international cuisines.

What’s on the menu?

While the hosts of the foodcourt change reasonably often – and thus might have slightly changed by the time we reach April, the offer is somewhat always diverse. At the moment, we can enjoy a selection of 5 food corners with food & drinks for each and every one:

  • COQUIN: typical French, Spanish and Italian cold meat and cheese, usually served on a wooden board;
  • SANGA: gyozas, bao burgers, mochis and other dumplings from the eastern part of Asia;
  • MR. L: in-between American street food and French bistro, simply summarized as good food;
  • CALA TOLOSA: Mediterranean tapas with a bit of a fancy touch;
  • CHAO: a colourful sushi bar with some unexpected twists.

On top of that, a cocktail and wine bar will make sure to fuel our conversations with incredible ideas. Remember, there’s still a day of workshops following this, though!

When & where?

April 23rd | 20:00 → 00:00

The feast will take place on the evening of the first day, the 23rd of April. We thought about doing a closing party, but given the nature of the second day (an open-space), it seemed to us more interesting to create a few connections beforehand. We are sure that the buidler feast will be a perfect opportunity for ideas to emerge and be reconsidered the next day for a hands-on session (like the ancient Persians used to do).

We are also aware that a few of you are coming with someone, so we have made room for slightly more seats this evening. While the places are limited and the feast is totally optional, we welcome all the +1 to join the festivity and contribute to making the evening a convivial and friendly moment. We will reach out to all participants at a later stage to take notice of the attendees. Those who prefer a more quiet evening & night at the hotel – or anywhere else in the city, are also more than welcome to do so.